Puja Bhakoo was born in Saharanpur (U.P.), India. Being passionate about needlecraft since childhood, Puja practiced, revived, and re-invented the European art of Petit Point tapestry-making and lent it a whole new indo-ethnic dimension.

Drawing inspiration from the rich and myriad cultures of India, Puja creates handmade tapestries that combine the aesthetics entrenched in Indian traditions with the intricacies of Petit Point/Needle Point embroidery.

Using free hand, Puja sketches, paints, and then embroiders human figures on canvas, with multicolored strands of wool. Earthy hues are ambitiously incorporated in most compositions. The protagonists’ solemn expressions are imbued with a three-dimensional quality, which gives Puja’s tapestries a hauntingly realistic look.

The degree to which the artist is able to create an illusion of intensity and depth reflects her innate understanding of the medium and her richness of experience.

Owing to the intricacy of the designs and the fact that there is no trained assistance available, Puja creates a single tapestry in 3-8 months, depending upon the size of the project.

Since there are no stencils or graphs used in creating the artworks, Puja’s tapestries are impossible to replicate ­– even by the artist herself. While this lends an aura of exclusivity to each creation, it also makes the supply curve vertical.

Puja Bhakoo’s handmade tapestries are framed in glass for preservation. They outlive oil paintings in terms of longevity.

For an art collector, these tapestries aren’t just acquisitions, but heirlooms, which can be passed from one generation to the next.