While pursuing her advertising career, Puja Bhakoo volunteered in different charitable organizations, and also extended free design support to various NGOs.

In 2012, the artist took premature retirement from her advertising career to pursue her auxiliary interests full-time.

In 2015, looking out for funding options for her charitable pursuits, Puja Bhakoo had a eureka moment. Being an avid embroiderer, she decided to use her PASSION for embroidery to fund her MISSION for charity. She then founded Tapestry-For-Charity — an initiative that utilizes proceeds from the sale of her tapestries to aid the education and rehabilitation of underprivileged children.

Today Puja Bhakoo’s environmentally sustainable tapestries enjoy a global clientele and are showcased at leading online galleries and some of India’s premium home furnishing stores. She also holds solo exhibitions of her artworks from time to time.

According to the artist, her journey is symbolic of IKIGAI – the Japanese concept, which is a meeting ground of what you love (your passion), what the world needs (your mission), what you’re good at (your vocation) and what you get paid for (your profession).

Every time someone buys a Puja Bhakoo Handcrafted Tapestry, an underprivileged child is able to live better. And that, according to Puja Bhakoo, is the most fulfilling part of doing what she does.