green scapes

Drawing inspiration from nature’s ability to enrich the heart and nourish the soul, Puja Bhakoo’s Green Scapes series of handcrafted tapestries invites Nature into your living spaces – ushering your imagination to grassy roads, ferny brooks, and rippling green fields. Green Scapes complements your quest for eco-positivity and unites you with the earth urging you to become one with it.

GREENSCAPES PB/GS-01 | Size: 16″x19″

GREENSCAPES PB/GS-02 | Size: 16″x19″

GREENSCAPES PB/GS-03 | Size: 16″x19″

GREENSCAPES PB/GS-04 | Size: 16″x19″

GREENSCAPES PB/GS-05 | Size: 16″x19″

Proceeds from the sale of Puja Bhakoo Handcrafted Tapestries fund the rehabilitation of underprivileged children, under Puja’s Tapestry-For-Charity initiative.

So every time you choose to upgrade your interiors, you also upgrade the life of an underprivileged child.