AFTERMATH | PB/AM-01 | 13″X23″

AFTERMATH | PB/AM-02 | 13″X23″

AFTERMATH | PB/AM-03 | 15″X23″

AFTERMATH | PB/AM-04 | 15″X23″

The current pandemic has disrupted lives and devastated livelihoods on a global scale.

#AFTERMATH line of handcrafted tapestries is a visual analogy of the repercussions of this emotional, spiritual, and psychological uprooting.

A poem penned by Puja Bhakoo sums up the theme and creative thought behind this line of handcrafted tapestries.

Lose something each day

Accept the fluster of the lost door keys,

Endure the regret of a badly spent hour

Then train to lose farther,

Train to lose faster

So when whimsical winds tug at your bearings,

or temperamental times lose their sanity

…the aftermath will be but a routine disaster

Look in the eye this slave of fate

And tell it, you alone are your destiny’s master

Tough times may last perhaps a bit longer

But cleansed of excesses we’ll come out stronger

Explore a new horizonTread a new path

Let your resilience heal ravages of The Aftermath

Puja Bhakoo, author, MOOD SWINGS


50% proceeds from the sale of Puja Bhakoo Handcrafted Tapestries are used for the rehabilitation and education of underprivileged children.
So every time you choose to upgrade your interiors, you also upgrade the life of an underprivileged child.