BLOG Your Zero Market Risk Investment

Hi everyone,

They say what the headline gives, the fine print takes away.

And speaking about fine print, you might recall the blah that goes by ‘mutual funds are subject to market risks… please read the offer documents…’ at the end of all mutual funds TV/radio ads.

Remember how, up till a few months ago, this warning was delivered by an invisible announcer at a pace so frenzied and frenetic, it seemed like he possibly had a rabid dog chasing him around the TV channel’s office… and the poor chap, in his nervousness, was regurgitating a semantic soup…splashing it out of the TV screen… all over our faces!🥶😵‍💫

Jammed words gushing out…shrieking… and screeching… and speeding… at breakneck speed like a missile gone bananas after missing its target… or a mono rail gone berserk after losing its bono!

If the ‘mutual funds….’ lines were mentioned in a print ad, the font would be tinier than a pimple on the dimple on the right bum of an ant!🤪🐜

The mutual fund guys seem to have recently(and mutually) decided to slow down their act (to match the dipping economy, perhaps)… and are now spelling out each and every word clearly, and deliberately🙄

Yes, investments are subject to market. risks.

And the market bulls are subject to Covid 19 complications and aftermath.

These bulls turn into bears… that turn into turtles… that withdraw into their shells the moment you and I happen to invest in the stock market😟🙃

Especially you and I!! 🥲

Not that rich red bull next door who looks more a bear😈🐻

The whole stock world starts to conspire in our disfavor (no thanks to Paulo Coelho) the moment we invest our khoon paseene ki kamai in a seemingly blue-chip investment.

Thankfully, we’re talking only monitory investments here.

Because, while financial investments are subject to market. risks, there’s still one investment that’s completely… utterly… and infallibly immune to market fluctuations.

Yess…there’s still one investment that pays dividends… unmindful of the economy being in the red, or maroon, or burgundy!

And this investment is


Of course, you already know this.

My post is at best a gentle reminder of a fact that you might have placed on the back burner… caught up in the Net of Flix, munching popcorn… conducting Zoom’bie meetings wearing a formal shirt with boxer shorts🤪

Studies by Captain Obvious show that every single hour that you invest in improving yourself… whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or intellectually… is bound to pay plump profits and rich dividends in the long run..helping you cope with ANY crisis or adversity. Uncle Covid can go drown himself in a puddle! 👊

There are no market risks in this investment. No fine print either..!😉🌸

Have a safe and productive day🌸❤️


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Howzzat for return on investment?😍❤️

Puja Bhakoo, author, MOOD SWINGS