BLOG Corona isn’t funny. Or is it?

Corona is not funny; it’s really not.

But it does bring about some weird eventualities, some deep ironies, and some productive life lessons.

Concern about the virus has permeated every part of people’s lives.

Humour is essential at times like these because it stops your body from getting into the fight-flight-freeze mode — a selfish, self-protective state where you literally lose the capability to think or have empathy.

No wonder they say that gallows humor is the last-ditch comfort of a healthy human brain. As long as they aren’t stoking racial tensions or spreading misinformation, it’s hard to begrudge anyone a coronavirus quip.

Besides, a creative release is a legitimate way to go out (during self-quarantine) by turning in. Jokes are a way of temporarily triumphing over tension, and turning it into inspiration.

Sure, there’s plenty to worry about, but there’s also plenty to be thankful for.

Thanks to electronic communication, we can draw strength from one another and cope better with these unprecedented times.

So let’s look at the sunnier side of life, expand our intellectual horizons, and take life one day at a time.

It’s worthwhile to remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup; you can give love only when you feel love. We’re all in this together. And the power of together is infinite.


Breaking News: No Corona Virus fear for IAS and IPS officers Reasons: Officers live in ivory towers so they can’t be infected. They maintain social distancing from lower ranks and the public. They wash their hands off everything, so are well protected they have thick skins, so the immunity is generally high. They hardly touch any work so no question of contamination. They are generally found at the feet of their political masters. No shaking hands. Without their subordinate staff, in any case, they will be in a coma.

A coronavirus post read, “Mexico is now asking Trump to hurry up with the wall.”

The worldwide coronavirus case count resembles the medal tally at Olympics. China is leading, followed by US and European countries. Like always, India is way down the table.

Puja Bhakoo, author, MOOD SWINGS