NUDE AESTHETICS, Puja Bhakoo’s latest thread painting series, isn’t simply the depiction of an undraped figure. It is, in essence, a visual analogy of the human body’s profound relationship with all life forms.

NUDE AESTHETICS is a reflection of all existential structures which become, through gradual osmosis, a seamless part of the observer’s personal imaginative experience. It is therefore a story of the viewer’s own making – a narrative that mirrors the beholder and reflects in his/her interpretation of it. 

The process of handcrafting a nude on canvas spells a slow, soulful and seductive but restrained romance between the needle and the subject in order to achieve depth and luminescence.

Puja Bhakoo’s thread paintings capture the tenderness, spirit and vulnerability of the nude form. 

Each artwork is handcrafted with love and precision. Every single stitch aims to negotiate and balance the thin line between the evocative and the provocative to create a form that’s nude but not naked. 

Because naked, as they say, is a human commodity, but nudity is God’s art.