TAPESTRY son of the soil

2,09,304 stitches | 861 Hours

He could be a rustic camel herder who tends to his flock in the dwindling grazing lands of Rajasthan or a man who sells his colourful ware at the local fair. A florid and vibrant turban woven with colourful threads of culture and tradition adorns his head. The glistening eyes and an endearing smile and add to his rustic appeal. The luscious moustache (almost a trademark of Rajasthani men), the even set of teeth and the contours of the lips give this embroidered portrait a realistic look which is difficult to achieve with woollen yarns.

Title of Tapestry: SON OF THE SOIL

Year of Creation: 2013-2014

Medium: Petit Point/Needle Point Embroidery on canvas

Size: 68”x38”

Materials used: 4 ply woollen yarn/double mesh Penelope canvas/hand-embroidery needle

Source of Inspiration: The portrait of an unidentified Rajasthani man on the internet

Note: No graph or stencil has been used in the creation of this tapestry