TAPESTRY turbanator

1,95,858 stitches | 806 Hours

This tapestry, titled TURBANATOR, is a hand-embroidered rendition of a photograph featured in the 2009 International Photo Contest. The picture was shot in a city called Bundi in Rajasthan, India, by April Macibora. Inspired by the fiery expression of the man in the picture, Puja Bhakoo decided to transform his visage into a tapestry that could be cherished for decades as a collector’s item. A rich and vibrant turban woven with colourful threads seeped in culture and tradition, earns this tapestry its moniker: Turbanator. Well defined features, piercing deep-set eyes and a lush handlebar moustache are features that lend the Turbanator a unique countenance and give the tapestry a life-like quality.

Title of Tapestry: TURBANATOR

Year of Creation: 2012

Medium: Petit Point/Needle Point Embroidery

Size: 62”x39”

Materials used: 4 ply woollen yarn/double mesh Penelope canvas/hand-embroidery needle

Source of Inspiration: Prize-winning photograph featured in the 2009 International Photo Contest

Note: No graph or stencil has been used in the creation of this tapestry