1,80,306 stitches* | 742 Hours*

This tapestry, titled Eklavya – The Royal Guard, tells the story of a warrior and his unflinching loyalty towards his master. Woolen strands in fiery hues mix with earthy rusts and browns to create a vocabulary of mystique – lending this creation a hauntingly realistic quality. The protagonist’s eyes are volatile yet vulnerable, intrepid yet tender. They speak volumes about the emotions that are at play in the character’s mind. The pursed lips reflect a suppressed fury, a quiet dignity, an unflinching resolve and a deep intent. The demeanor is combat ready if truce fails.

Title of Tapestry: EKLAVYA

Year of Creation: 2013

Medium: Petit Point/Needle Point Embroidery

Size: 42”x53”

Materials used: 4 ply woolen yarn/double mesh Penelope canvas/hand-embroidery needle

Source of Inspiration: Bollywood film star Amitabh Bachchan’s look in a movie

Note: No graph or stencil has been used in the creation of this tapestry


*Stitches@ 81 per sq.inch, Time@3 sq.inches per hour.