73,062 stitches* | 300 Hours*

The term ‘LAGAAN,’ in the early nineteenth century, meant the monetary cut paid by the oppressed farmers – from their harvest to the feudal lords, in rural India. This tapestry, the third in Puja’s LAGAAN series, reflects an intense and burning fury in the farmer’s intense eyes, his awakening now crystalized and threatening to challenge adversity with fortitude, and seek justice with dignity. Rustic hues blend fervor and ferocity with verve and passion, giving the tapestry a surreal feel. One of Puja’s initial creations, this intricate tapestry is a product of over four months of labor, experimentation, trial, and error.

Title of Tapestry: LAGAAN-III

Year of Creation: 1994

Medium: Petit Point/Needle Point Embroidery on canvas

Size: 41”x22”

Materials used: 4 ply woolen yarn/double mesh Penelope canvas/hand-embroidery needle

Source of Inspiration: A painting by Jaya Wheaton

Note: No graph or stencil has been used in the creation of this tapestry

*Stitches@ 81 per sq.inch, Time@3 sq.inches per hour