1,46,853 stitches* | 604 Hours*

This tapestry, titled UMMEED (hope), features a Rajasthani man from the western part of India, who is immersed in his own world of circumstantial dilemmas – of livelihood, of existence, of sustenance. The protagonist’s eyes are pensive and vulnerable, his expression a mixture of predicament and confusion. In a contrast to his lugubrious expression, his rich handle-bar mustache curls up with pride in the rich culture and traditions of his hometown. The tapestry was created, from conception to completion, in over four months.

Title of Tapestry: UMMEED

Year of Creation: 2015

Medium: Petit Point/Needle Point Embroidery

Size: 37”x49”

Materials used: 4 ply woolen yarn/double mesh Penelope canvas/hand-embroidery needle

Source of Inspiration: Photograph of Rajasthani man on google

Note: No graph or stencil has been used in the creation of this tapestry

*Stitches@ 81 per sq.inch, Time@3 sq.inches per hour.